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This journey started will a simple desire, that in this particular season of my life, my faith would make some kind of impact in my corner of the world. As a mother, trying to nagivate how this would work, I contacted Plymouth Soup Run to see if I could bake something to add to the meals they provide for the homeless. This I could do and it would fit perfectly with a family. However, this wasn't meant to be and soon my brain got thinking about what do people need and how could I meet this need.


I was connected with Norma who is a point of contact for many working women on the streets through Plymouth Soup Run and soon a conversation started about the items these ladies could actually use. With the support of my Tuesday mum's group, who just happen to be women from lots of different churches, we invited Norma in to have a chat with us and the Top Up Bags got a seal of approval. Donations started to come in and before I knew it, I had enough items to fill Top Up Bags, I just had to make them!


Since Christmas 2019, we have been supporting a particular group of women in Plymouth. They either sleep rough, are sofa surfing, in hostels or have progressed to supportive living. Our aim is to create and deliver 40 Top Up Bags and sustain them. Any extra items given throughout the year, we are committed to always providing 40. 40 is our number. We are focused and proactive in supporting 40 women by either creating Top Up Bags, sending presents and gifts and endovouring to meet any needs that arise.


I say 'we' because I now have regular committed community members, whether church friends, school parents or members of a fitness club I dont even know, who are ready and willing to support the project.


You too can support us in a number of ways:


Visit our SHOP


Visit the ITEMS and donate


Spread the word,


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