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For years I thought this verse required me to find a holy position on the floor and meditate, attempting to give God my mind as thoughts of the household chores, lists of uncompleted freelance tasks and often a need to pee flooded my mind. (Pun intended) It was always a bit of a struggle. I never seemed to be able to still my mind to allow God to use the space.


Not so long ago, I had a revelation that I don't necessarily have to be physically still, to still my mind. When my body moves, my mind is still. And so, this year at the start of Lent, I put some time aside every morning (at 6am to be exact before my child wakes) to find ways I can connect with God using movement as a tool to still my mind. I then developed Verses; short movement phrases that allowed the mind and the body to focus in on God's Word, opening up dedicated time and space in relation with God. It takes patience and a little bit of movement memory but it's definitely worth it.

We experience and are aware of body language, gut instinct, greetings, goodbyes, exercises, the simpliest of tasks are completed by our bodies. Yet, sometimes our bodies and faith don't automactically align which is bizarre. That tingling feeling you get when someone hugs you, the feeling of pride when you are celebrated is the body communicating with you. When you stand in church or read the bible or say a prayer at a bus stop, the body is acknowledging the Holy Spirit, it is a form of communication. You body tends to feel way before your brain registers. Sometimes it takes our brains ages to catch up. (Or slow down.). Our bodies were made my God, our spirits sewn together by his hands. Surely, we should step into his presence proudly presenting our whole being not parts of it.